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If you are from abroad you will need to fill in a SAP520 Fire Importation Clearance form by downloading it via the link supplied. Please also follow the instructions provided below to ensure keeping to the correct procedures.

Link: SAP520

Instructions on how to fill in the form:

Steps to be followed

1. Obtain and Complete a SAPS520 form from the link above. If the link does not work for some reason please follow the follow link. and download the SAP250 form from their website.

  • Complete in black ink
  • Do NOT sign. (To be signed on arrival)
  • Complete sections

2. Obtain an US customs form 4457

  • Remember to take your rifle with you for inspection.

3. Obtain a letter of Invitation supplied by us. 
4. Letter from your local police to proof your ownership of your rifle.
5. Make copies of all the documents and have them put away in your hand luggage together with your plane ticket and passport on arrival.

*For your comfort we have hunting rifles available. Ammunition can be bought in town.

Weapons,ammo and equipment
From 243 cal up to 375 cal is in order maximum of 60 rounds per gun is allowed.
Bow and arrow information contact outfitter and agents.

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